Rare sterling silver tea sets from Europe dating back to 1759! This exquisite collection of Silver Teapot and Kettle includes top makers and retailers Tiffany Sorby Viners and Gorham.

Pu-er Tea

On display and for sale to the highest bidder!

A range of top quality from 1930s to 2005:
Xia Guan (下关) Limited Editions collected over a period of more than 40 years including the rare 1930s
Liu An (六安) 1960s
Liu Bao (六堡) by Tea Connoisseur - The renowned 19k purple inventor Mr Loh Peng Chum with more than 65 years of tea drinking experience that keeps his health and mind in prime condition.

Tea demonstration by Mr Loh Peng Chum using a combination of Yixing and Silverware to take advantage of the unique and health benefits from this unique combination.