Pets and Talents! All in One Event!

Following the success of the second Singapore Hobbies Expo in 2016, Full House Communications is bringing the event back this May with more hobbies!

The expo includes an international fish show and championship, exciting parrot competitions, pet shows and competitions, guided tour to the interior of a race car, Introduction to FPV (First Person View) Racing Drone, cat fashion show, handmade craft workshops and more. The event hopes to encourage the pursuit of healthy hobbies by Singaporeans in their leisure and promote family bonding between the young and old.

5th Singapore International Fish Show & Championship

The 5th Singapore International Fish Show & Championship is back this year by popular demand! Visitors can expect to see fishes such as Flowerhorn, Guppy, Betta, Discus and Marine Fish. The competition will be judged by a panel of reputable local and overseas judges. There will also be a Koi Display, Mixed Reef Display, and Marine Rock Display. That’s not all, watch a special Live Coral Fragging Demonstration of a popular and sustainable coral propagation method! It is an event not to be missed by marine enthusiasts.

Cats Showcase, Adoption Drive, Talks, Massage, Fashion Show and more!

Therapy cats from Love Kuching Project will be present. Hug, kiss and have a photo taken with these therapy cats at a small cost. The public can find out what it takes for their cats to be part of the team. Cats-related merchandise will be on sale too! Cat-Assisted Therapy Singapore will also be bringing their therapy cats for visitors to cuddle and take selfies with.

Recruitment for new therapy cats is also available! The Feline Fanciers Society of Singapore will be having a Breed Showcase, where you can interact and learn about each breed's history and attributes as a family pet, all while learning about responsible cat ownership. SCENTsational will conduct various activities at their booth such as cat adoption drive, cat behaviour sharing sessions, pet massage demonstration, and pet behaviour talk. There will also be informative talks on pet first aid, pet communication and pet insurance. Not forgetting the most anticipated Cat Fashion Show!

Parrot Superstar & Runway Competitions

This Singapore Hobbies Expo, you will get to see rarely-seen parrot competitions. The Parrot Superstar Competition on 1st May will see parrot owners showcasing their beautiful feathered kids. Visitors can also get to watch parrots compete to be the fastest “runner” at the Parrot Runway Competition on 2nd May. Trainers and bird owners will be happy to interact with those who are keen and will even allow their pet to rest on your hand or shoulder for a cool photo-taking! Visitors can expect to see a rare gathering of birds in their full glory!

Fun Dog Shows & Competitions

In collaboration with Singapore Kennel Club, Hobbies Expo 2016 will be bringing to you fun-packed dog Shows and competitions! Other than a Handling Certification and Grooming Competitions, watch out for the Championship Dog Show on 1st May which will be similar to a beauty contest for dogs! There is also a variety of exciting events that any dog owner can take part in together with their dog for the Companion Dog Show on 2nd May! Enjoy watching dog owners and their dogs pit against one another in these friendly matches. Both participants and the public alike can look forward to an entertaining day filled with truckload of precious memories and interaction!

A Jolly-Rolly Rabbit Day!

Get ready for the time of your life at Hobbies Expo 2016 with a Rabbits All Breed Judging Show, and Rabbits Fancy Show & Best Dress Show on 1 May. Rabbits are judged based on Best Overall, Best Temperament, Best Fur, and Best Condition. Let these adorable rabbits dressed to the nines capture your heart! For the “Rabbit Day Out” on 2 May, visitors can expect to come up-close to 10 different breeds of Rabbits (including World Biggest Breed) and learn in-depth information on rabbit care & nutrition. There is also a Patting Zoo Concept for kids as well as a photo booth for rabbits! If you are a rabbit lover, don’t hesitate to come along with your family for a furrrrrrily fun day!

Animal Fusion Revolution

One of the highlights of the show is a display by Animal Fusion Playground where 8 different animals will co-exist harmoniously in the same room! People often think you have to choose between cats and dogs as it is not easy for them to co-exist harmoniously. Pet master Wong Kah Fai from Animal Fusion Playground begs to differ as he has successfully tamed his pets including cats, dogs, chinchillas, rabbits and macaws to stay in one place harmoniously. Now is your chance to mingle and interact with different animals in a play-yard!

Dance Performances by Team Kmicco Japan

On the opening day, Sunday, 1st May, Team Kmicco Japan will be up for an entertaining dance performance that will surely delight any dance lover. Performances include Salsa Dance, Break Dance, and J-POP Parapara. Visitors can join in and dance along with them too. Kmicco is also a choreographer for the Chingay Parade and many stage performances.

Introduction to FPV (First Person View) Racing Drone by XpertDrone

One of the special highlights for Hobbies Expo 2016 is a whole new experience of adrenaline rush with control, presented to you by the professional XpertDrone team in Singapore! XpertDrone is bringing to you an innovative FPV (First Person View) Racing Drone experience with two demo sessions for both days! You can also interact with the team to find out more about how to get into this new hobby of racing drones. For those who love drones, or simply wish to experience an adrenaline rush with high speed, you definitely won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Guided Tour to Interior of Race Car with Drift Master Mr Jason Tan

Hobbies Expo 2016 has specially invited one of the country’s top stunt masters Jason Tan to share his knowledge on race cars and drifting. Visitors will be able to enjoy the thrill of the action with Jason’s exciting explanation, as he walks visitors through the interior of his race car that will be showcased in the event hall. You can learn how the interior of a race car is changed from a normal car to suit the purpose of drifting. Singapore’s first ever lady stunt driver, Dawn Tay, will also be there to greet you! Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with these professional stunt drivers from Singapore Stunt Driving! They are the only full-time professional team of stunt drivers in Singapore that has performed at the F1 stunt show and appeared in various TV commercials and films.

Miniature Clay Art and Food Sculpting demo session

Are you amazed by how people can make miniature food sculptures out of clay? Now you can learn how to make all your favourite food using clay! Charlene and her team from Tinkle Arts Academy will be conducting demo sessions on making miniature bibimbap and kebab sculptures! They will also be displaying some of their amazing clay art works. You can purchase some of their handmade products including magnets, memo holders, accessories like earrings etc which will make for exquisite gifts. Find out more about their clay art programmes from them, and you might just become the next Clay Art Master!

Self-design Kite Making Workshop

Kite flying is a fun hobby with a long history. It can be a great way to relax and be with nature. Flying a store bought kite may be convenient, but it is very different from flying one that is built with your own hands! At Layangman's Kite Making Workshops, one will learn about the basics of kite flying, its aerodynamics and how to build a kite. Participants will build and decorate their kites that are guaranteed to fly(even indoors in virtually zero wind or in extremely light wind)! This workshop will be a great way to promote team-bonding and family bonding!

Rubber Band Gun Making workshop

What can be better than making your own toys and feeling a sense of achievement and satisfaction? Rubber band guns are actually pieces of engineering wonders, from simple trigger and release mechanisms to complex escapement traps. From single shots to semi-auto to fully auto machine, guns can be made from just scraps of wood, with rubber bands as projectiles.

In this workshop, Rubber Band Semi-auto Gun kits with ready-made parts are available, where anyone can learn the engineering behind each moving part to understand how things work. You can have fun assembling your own gun and understand the physics of stored energy in a stretched rubber band at the same time! You can also relive your childhood memories as you wield guns made of wood and shoot down targets with rubber bands as ammunition, in our Rubber band gun shooting game!

Balloon Sculpting by POP!

POP! specialises in special events such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, roadshows, sports, nightlife and more! At Hobbies Expo 2016, you can enjoy lovely balloon sculpting and face & body painting! Check out the GIANT balloon photo frame with props, for visitors to take family or friends photos!


Other interesting programmes include a showcase and workshop by Gardens with Purpose, merchandisers selling pet food and water resistant Happy Mats for pets, and more!

Visitors of the Singapore Hobbies Expo can use their wristband to exchange for rebates at the concurrent The Big Furniture Fair taking place at Singapore Expo Hall 7. Each adult wristband is entitled to $8 off purchases worth a minimum of $500. A maximum of two wristbands may be used for each receipt.

Name Singapore Hobbies Expo 2016
Venue Singapore Expo Hall 6B
Date 1 & 2 May 2016
Time 1st May (Sun), 10am to 10pm
2nd May (Mon), 10am to 8pm
Cost Adult - $8
Children under 1.2m - $4
Organiser Full House Communications Pte Ltd
Telephone 6842 7266